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The DVCN organises a variety of training throughout the year on subjects highlighted by our members. If you have any training events you wish to promote, or suggestions for training themes please contact us via enquiries@dvcn.org.uk


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13th September 2018

Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse

The foundation course is designed to develop knowledge and confidence to enable practitioners to recognise the nature and impact of domestic abuse.


  • To explore the definition of domestic abuse

  • To identify tactics used by perpetrators of domestic abuse.

  • To explore the dynamics of power & control in an abusive relationship.

  • To identify potential barriers to disclosure of domestic abuse and strategies to overcome them.

  • To explore the complexities of staying / leaving an abusive relationship. 

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30th October 2018

Domestic abuse: Mental Health, Trauma and Self-care

Multi-agency Training London

26th November 2018

Skills and Tools to Support Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Multi-agency Training London