DVCN - Domestic Violence Co-ordinators Network

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DVCN Principles
Before completing the registration form, the following principles should be read and agreed to. 

Members should:

1. Have a strategic or operational responsibility for Domestic Violence or Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)
2. Be committed to the belief that VAWG is entirely unacceptable in any form
3. Support, advocate and understand the key principles in a coordinated community response to addressing domestic violence, which are stated as:
  • Working to increase the safety of survivors and their children
  • Holding perpetrators accountable for their behaviour
  • Challenging the social tolerance of domestic violence
  • Placing responsibility for action with partner agencies
4. Support equality of access to services
5. Be employed in the public sector or by a charitable/not-for-profit organisation
6. Be proactively involved in the DVCN, including use of the website, eParties and conferences
7. Ensure permission is obtained from the originator for redistribution of any resource material contained within the website
8. Help raise the profile of the network

In case of question over membership qualification, the DVCN Steering Group will be consulted

Membership will run on an annual basis and costs £100. To find out more about joining the Network please read the Terms & Conditions.

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