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6th September 2017

Parenting post abuse

Course Description

Post domestic abuse parents often find themselves struggling with not only the trauma of having lived with the abuse but their children’s complex behaviours and needs. This course will explore the impacts of abuse on parenting, children and the parent-child relationship. Using the latest neuroscience research as well as relevant counselling, parenting and trauma informed research, delegates will explore ways of working with families post abuse.

Learning Objectives

  • To increase participants confidence of working with parents and their children post domestic abuse.

  • To learn about how brain development and function are impacted by early exposure to domestic abuse.

  • To understand domestic abuse as a form of trauma.

  • To increase knowledge about the impacts of abuse on parents, children and the parent-child relationship.

  • To build skills, knowledge and strategies to use with families post abuse

Who should attend?

Professionals directly working with parents and families post domestic abuse, domestic abuse workers, family centre staff, troubled families workers, social work professionals, teaching staff, parent support workers, health visitors, GPs, anyone offering parenting advice and support.

06 Sep 2017
10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Price range
£100.00 - £140.00

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6th September 2017

Parenting post abuse

A trauma informed approach to supporting families post abuse

21st September 2017

VAWG Awareness

Free course: VAWG awareness (CPD accredited)